Isn’t life interesting?

I just read the notice that Nate is now following my blog.  Looks like he’s another world traveler.  I’m glad to have you aboard, Nate.  I bet my readers don’t know that I am a big footer and did a lot of field work when my husband was alive.  We were the original Sasquatch Watch.  Now I just have a website called:  I haven’t updated it since he passed away, unfortunately, because he was the geek who did all the computer work. He was a software design engineer.  When he passed away he had failed to leave me all the passwords etc., which has prevented me from getting into the administration part of the site.  I have spent these past couple of years dealing with his death and all that surrounds it.  Now,  I am ready to get moving again and I plan on getting someone to take care of that for me so I can update and make changes.  It won’t be until I get moved into my new home in June, but it is certainly on my list of to-dos once that is accomplished.

As for travel myself…I’ve been to the Oregon Caves with Dr. Matthew Johnson who had a sighting and was instrumental in starting the Southern Oregon Bigfoot Society out of Grants Pass.  I visited an eastern Oklahoma Indian Reservation where a sighting took place, I’ve been to Missouri to investigate a sighting, and invented the term, “Roadside Research” when my husband became too old to go traipsing through the woods.

“Roadside Research” consists of planning  trips around earlier sighting areas and following the information from the old reports.  It gave us an opportunity to see where the incidents happened, in areas that were readily accessible for us less mobile travelers, as well as allowed us to discover things that were missing from the report either by the choice of the reporter, or by being overlooked.   It gave us a chance to do a little investigating during the day and talk to all kinds of interesting people in the local areas we found ourselves in.  Since my husband did contract work, we have spent six months in Corning, New York,  A year in Sumter, South Carolina, Michigan, Las Vegas, (our home away from home), Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Idaho, Utah, Oregon,  New Mexico, Kentucky, Well, let’s just say we’ve been all over.  It’s like staying at a haunted hotel for ghost hunters.  When we were going to have to be somewhere on a contract, we looked up the reports from that area and made plans to hunt Squatches on the weekends and after work.  The Corning area of New York was a great place to Squatch!

That’s why I’m glad to see people who travel following my blog.  It’s nice to share my travels with others, though it’s not quite what you would call a “normal” vacation experience.

I just bought a house and will be moving in about the middle of June.  After my husband died I had the opportunity to buy a very inexpensive mobile home in a retirement community in Florida and jumped at the chance.  I affectionately call it my Sardine Can.  I managed to get three chairs in my living room….wow!  I could now have guests! LOL!  Well, I tried to make it home by getting involved in the home owners association.  I dislike them…so I thought if I got active in it, I could make sure it was what I wanted it to be.  Actually, I became president.  I don’t go half way.  I’ve done it for a year and I have handed the reigns over to the VP and am grateful I am moving out into a home on a piece of dirt I will actually own.  This renting a lot sucks.  So many restrictions and no room to do anything.

There is nothing like finding out what you don’t like!  Mobile Home Parks!!!!!!!

Why?  Because I am not ready to sit in my rocker and let life drift by.  And, I am tired of all the negative, grumpy people who are never happy with anything.  No matter what you do it is not good enough.  All the residents here seem to do is complain and gossip and be miserable.  It is certainly not me.  New Years Eve I hired a 60’s rock band and we rocked the place.  It was “leave your walkers at the door”.  I saw people moving that hadn’t moved in years.  Of course, New Years day was very quiet.  People couldn’t get out of bed, but that night was so much fun!

After a year of coaxing and bribing and dragging people to live their life, I just ran out of steam.  I am looking forward to finishing my novels, working on my multi-medium art projects, and learning to grow and cook with herbs.  I am close to the St. Johns River and several walking trails.  I plan on seeing it all.  I’m out in the country where It is quiet and peaceful.  There are a few people around me, but most seem to keep to themselves.

Oh, and I am a second level Reiki practitioner and want to work with abused and neglected horses.  I also do people.  I can do remote healing or hands energy work.  I am looking forward to a more spiritual life.  So, here is to a year filled with discovery and wonder as I experience what there is in life for me.  After all, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Let me know what you do for fun!










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