White Light

I am a Reiki practitioner.  What is Reiki?  It is energy healing.  Not just any energy, but the healing energy of God channeled through the practitioner to the client.  Now, some call him a Higher Power.  Some use the term, “the Universe”.  Some think in terms of a feminine diety.  While others are less specific.  All in all, it is of light and goodness.

As for me, I use the term God, Heavenly Father, and sometimes Higher Power, when I am working with those who are not familiar with these other terms.  No matter what you call it, the energy and healing come from the same source of goodness and light.  It is not mystical.  It is not magic.  It is only a healing energy that does its work because I call on all things of goodness and light only.

Today I was watching Oprah’s Soul Sunday series.  A surgeon was speaking on his near death experience and shared his encounter with a bright white light brighter than many suns.  I realized that I too had experienced this same event, but in a different context.  Finally, I realized that what I had encountered was God’s light.  Let me explain.  At my very first Reiki atunement there was another who was being atuned along with me.  After the ceremonial atunement was completed we were urged to practice our new gift on each other.  As I lay on the table while the other student began to perform Reiki on me a bright light filled the space in front of me.  What was strange, was my eyes were closed.

Yet, this light, so bright that it burned, enveloped me completely.  I tried to sqirm deeper into the padding of the table, trying to get away from the light.  Of course, because I was laying on a table, there was no where to go.  It was painful.  It was not pleasant, yet, it was exciting.  Suddenly it disappeared and I was able to allow the student to continue without hesitation.  I relaxed and allowed him to do his thing.  He had no idea that I was experiencing this light.  It was something just for me.

Later, I asked my Master what it was that I had experienced.  She looked at me in this strange manner and told me that it was God’s energy that had washed over me.  A very unusual thing.  At the time I did not quite understand it.  Being new, I had no idea what to expect and it wasn’t until my second atunement that I was actually beginning to understand that I had experienced a rare and treasured moment that not everyone experiences.

Let me fast forward to the present.  I had been asked to participate in a energy healing demonstration that was part of a gala that local healers hold twice each year.  Up to that point I was still a bit unaware of my own ability to actually perform Reiki.  You see, with other gifts, you know you have it or not.  With Reiki, at least, it is a gradual energy growth as you become more familiar with yourself and how the energy works through the practisioner.  As the practitioner becomes more atuned to the energy they work with, the energy strengthen and the practitioner’s ability to intuitively know what is going on increases.

At some levels the practitioner is so atuned they can actually perform psychic work, but I think that takes years of practice and becoming a Master themselves before their skills are honed to that sharpness.  I, for one, wasn’t sure of what I was exactly doing and was taking a leap of faith that I was making a difference.  That is when I had an experience that changed all that.  At the Gala, I was lucky enough to have a young teenage girl ask me for a healing.  Her whole family was there getting healings from several other practitioners of other modalities as well as my Reiki partner, who happened to be a Master.  As I was working on her something seemed to change in me.  It was like a switch was flipped.  I seemed to have reached a zone where I was fully aware of the energy, not as to what was happening to the girl but in myself.  It was a very spiritual experience for me.  We get as much healing from working on clients as they do from us.

When the girl tried to get up from the chair we were using, instead of the normal table, (for lack of space in the venue we were working in), she was light headed and weak.  she had trouble walking over to the bench where other family members sat.  Suddenly she burst into tears and sobbed.  For a moment I stood there, not quite knowing what to do.  Then, I grabbed a few tissues and handed them to her and sat down next to her rubbing her back.  She sobbed for a good ten minutes while her mother explained to me their circumstances and that she never shows emotions.  She holds things all in and that this was the first time she had let them out.  As the girl’s sobs subsided I could tell she was embarrased by her emotonal outburst.

I explained that this was normal. That there was not just a physical healing going on, but an emotional one.  That she had been given a gift from God and that he was present in her life and had helped her to break through the wall that she had built around her feelings.  She eventually stopped crying and moved away to another part of the building.  It was a deeply emotional experience not just for her, but her family and myself as well.  That is the moment that I had a personal confirmation that what I was doing was actually real.  For the first time, I knew that what I was doing was all very real.  I was blessed to have had that experience, for it changed my life.

I have no doubts now about my own abilities for I am but an instrument of God and it is not me that does the healing, but him.  I don’t have to worry about what I am doing beccause it works no matter what, beccause I am not in control.  It works despite me.  I have met a fork in the road and have left that old me behind.  Now, I’m not perfect but what I have discovered is I don’t have to be totally healed in order to help others.  I also realize that I was fortunate that I did not have to life through a near death experience to encounter God.  I had that privelage through another means.  And I can only wonder at the surgeons efforts to figure out what had just happend.  I don’t think it would be easy to accept this even through a near death experince and I’m sure he struggled with what he had just invisioned before returning to this earth.

What excites me is that I can do remote healings.  I have done this for someone 3,000 miles away on an opposite coast, and they have related their experience to me first hand.  Regardless of where I am, I can help people regardless of where they are.  There are times when I still take it for granted, but I have only to read this blog to remind myself of the glory and joy that a gift from God has given me and to others through me.  May I never get so comfortable with this gift that I forget the journey that has brought me here.




~ by womenstudycenter on March 9, 2014.

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