Water – A place of Empowerment

I know this is going to sound funny but my tub is my place of empowerment.  I have always been drawn to water. There is something about water that just calls to me.  Growing up my father was a fisherman in Utah as well as a butcher.  Our favorite place was at Strawberry Reservoir in Utah.  At Niagara Falls I have never felt such power.  It was almost overwhelming.  The oceans…each one has its own unique energy.  I prefer the West  Coast near Coos Bay…particularly Sunset Beach and the surrounding areas.  It is as rugged and powerful as the jagged rocks that rise from the ocean floor.  This energy is somewhat violent despite its beauty, while the white sands beaches of Florida and South Carolina are more calm and peaceful.

As soon as I turn out the lights– slip into the hot water and place my head on a soft bath pillow, I can feel the peace come over me.  Soon, my mind is a whirl of ideas and thoughts.  I get my best creative inspirations in that environment.  It relaxes my mind as well as my body and the ideas just flow.  It can be a very spiritual place, time for just me and the universe.  It is a place of contradiction though.  You would think that I could relax enough to rest, fall asleep, renew…but it is like flipping a light switch on in my mind.

I always keep a pencil and paper beside the tub.  invariably a wonderful idea will pop into my mind and if I don’t write it down, I eventually lose it in the day-to-day activities.  I also keep one beside my bed as I struggle falling to sleep and sometimes the creative inspiration keeps flowing long after I have donned my PJ’s and snuggled down under the covers of my bed.

It is important to find your power place.  We need to nurture that creative spark that is just waiting to be fanned into a burning fire.  Whether it is sitting on the edge of a lake, under a tree in the middle of a tall pine forest, wandering through a beautiful garden, or sitting on a beach, we all have a place where we feel whole.  Some of us fly with the birds on high and will be best suited to sitting on a mountain peak.  Some of us are ocean dwellers.  Some of us are adventurers and flourish in the lakes, rivers, and forests of the world.  Some of us  enjoy places of beauty and color where gardens can nurture our soul.  And some of us can simply slip into a hot bath and come alive in the simpleness of our own private spaces.  Wherever you find your power place, go there often.  Absorb the energy that flows there.  Renew your soul, your creative spirit, and be replenished.  You will find that life is so much better because of that.



~ by womenstudycenter on March 8, 2014.

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