It’s been a while….long while…where to begin?

I am finally past the death of my husband and have a lot more to share about life and such.  Death, while it is difficult is not an end, it is only the beginning.  The death of my husband was quite an adventure.  I can look back on it now and say that.  At the time, it was dire and crippling.  It’s been a long while since I posted or even felt like posting.  I can say now that I am past that point in my life and moving forward.  And thank you Don Charisma for following my blog and letting me know that someone out there reads it.  That has motivated me to continue.  It has been so long I had to get into the system and figure out my user name and passwords again.  That was an adventure in itself.  But, as you can see, I am back and will commit to sharing things with those who care to read them.

Let’s see…where do I start.  I am still dealing with probate, even after almost two years.  Mortgage companies do take their time and drag things out, hoping that you will change your mind.  Who changes their mind after two years.  Briefly, the house was not in my name and so I let it go back.  I moved from South Carolina to Florida.  It was a fluke that just happened to fall in my lap and I couldn’t pass it up.  The mortgage company is still dragging things out but I don’t care.  I’m moving forward.

I am president of the home owners association here in a small mobile home community for 55 & older.  I think that will come to an end next year.  I will have a chance to perhaps purchase a small house on a piece of land at the right price in about a year.  It is being remodeled and won’t be ready for a year.  By then I hope to have my finances where I need them and a sizable down payment.  I am finding living in a mobile home community has its negative side and I would be much happier in some place a little more isolated from my neighbors.    I’m an artist and can’t really do my art in this limited space.  With my own home I could have a work shop and do what I like.  I have found that being in the home owners assoc. is a thankless job and very stressful.  Life is too short and I am looking forward to doing my thing as soon as I get a better place with more space.

I’ve learned a lot over these past two years and I think they are important for women of all ages to know.  Fore warned is fore armed.  Even young women need to know about death and taxes…LOL!

So, I will be writing regularly, if for nothing else but to vent…and believe me, I sometimes need to vent.  Oh, and I want to share my shrinking body image and what I am doing to move that along.  It is a battle I have fought since Jr. High school and I am finally winning.

So, come along on my adventure.  There is no going back….always forward.  I’m learning to let go of yesterday and look to the future while I am living in the present.  It doesn’t hurt to have a plan….in fact, it doesn’t hurt to have plan B, or even C.  Life tends to throw curves and self reliance means Preparation.  You’ll find that I preach self reliance.  That is the word of the day.  I have included a feed back form.











~ by womenstudycenter on February 19, 2014.

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