Feng Shui boxes functions like the Universe List

You’ve heard me talk about the Universe List.  Well, I use both.  I learned about the Feng Shui system of putting your wants and desires out into the Universe quite a while back.  It makes a great creative art project.

Basically you collect three boxes in three different sizes.  The smallest one can be as small as a ring box because in this box you only place a hand full of folded up pieces of paper because it is for short-term wants and needs.  Things you want to happen no more than a month or so out.  The second box needs to be a bit bigger because it is for your long-term needs.  Say, two to five years out.  Then the third box needs to be much bigger because it will hold all the people you know who may directly affect the outcome of your needs and wants.

Each box must have a lid.  They can be any shape, but they must be silver.  You may paint them.  When I first started I decopauged them with silver foil.  It doesn’t matter as long as they are silver.  You may want to paint the inside red since red is the color that activates.  I painted the inside of my boxes red.  I decorated them with tumbled glass pieces.  You can use anything you wish, seeds, beans, rice, sea shells, buttons…anything.  Since they are personal to you, you need to make them reflect you.

I had about 5 pieces of paper folded up in the smallest box.  I haven’t looked at them in a while…a long while.  I was able to take three of the 5 short term items out of the short term box.  It amazed me that I had accomplished them without really acknowledging that they were there.  I placed two new ones in the box along with those that had not been accomplished.

Then I opened the middle sized box with the long term goals.  I was able to throw away a few because either they had been accomplished or the item was no longer wanted or needed.  I will add more later.   I did not remove any from the third box as once the names of the people are placed there I feel that they need to stay there.  I will look through it when I have time and make sure that the names are needed, but I will certainly add more and as I learn the actual names of the people I will be dealing with, I will replace the general description with the specific name.  For instance, the term landlord will be replaced with his actual name.

I would love to hear how this process works for you.  If you prefer a simpler process, just get yourself a small composition book from your local office store.  Staples has them in packs of three.  They look just like the larger composition books the kids use for school, but are only about 3×3, maybe 4×4 in size.

I hope everything you want and need comes true for you!



~ by womenstudycenter on January 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Feng Shui boxes functions like the Universe List”

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    • Thanks for the website! I appreciate your helpfulness. I’m afraid I have not been blogging lately. Going through some stuff after my husband’s death. I guess I need to start sharing. I’m sure it will help someone.

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