The Six hat method of making a decision

I am using this method at this very moment.  You can find it on-line.  It is a wonderful way to look at a problem or make a decision.  There are six steps in this process.  What is the decision I have to make?  Well, I happened to be eating lunch at a local bar and grill just around the corner in the same complex as the paint store I frequent.  I needed some paint to finish that bathroom project I keep talking about finishing.  Yes, I am actually going to finish it!

Well, it just so happened that the paint store owner also owns the complex.  There was a for rent sign up in one of his store fronts between him and the bar and grill.  He owns or is partners in most of the businesses there in the complex.  So, I asked him if he was renting those two spaces?  He said yes.  I asked him what he wanted for them.  He said it depends on who it is and what they want to do.   So, I quickly said,  “Me!” I proceeded to tell him about the Woman’s Study Center and before you know it he was giving me a tour of the two office spaces.

One was definitely too big, the other was just right!  I sound like I am telling the story of the three bears and Goldie Locks.   500 sq. ft. of space, private bathroom big enough to put my escape suitcase lockers.  A small middle room that can be used as a conference room or for entertaining if I put in a small fridge, microwave and coffee maker.  Plenty of space for a workshop area at one end and my office space at the other in a long narrow room.  It faces south so I will have solar gain in the winter and can use shades in the summer to cut cooling costs. In fact, I can use oscilating fans most of the time.  There is a space I can plant my treadmill and my easel and painting supplies…it is everything I need.

I wasn’t planning on needing the space until March, after the last workshop in February.   However, if I take the space now, I have time to fix it up and I can hold the last workshop in the space and have a grand opening kind of celebration along with it.  Since I am planning on teaching the six hat method of making decisions, I thought I might want to actually use it first so I can talk from a position of strength.  So, I am actually using it to make this decision.

My decision… Yes!  I am taking the space.  I am trying not to get too excited because I tend to run away with myself when I do.  Slow and steady is my new mantra.  Done the run and gun thing in the past and regretted it.  So, I am now in the middle of creating a new business plan using the information I collected from this method.

While there is a lot of emotional benefits from doing this, I have to be careful that I am doing it right the first time and doing it for the right reasons and have reasonable expectations.  Using this method covers all the particulars and even allows me creative freedom to just brainstorm and enjoy the excitement of creativity while also dealing with the realities of it all.  It allows me to keep at least one foot on the ground at all times.  For me, that is absolutely necessary.  To do otherwise invites disaster.

What I found was that I can move a lot of my furniture, supplies, and office equipment from home to office and say good bye to the clutter in my personal spaces.  It actually solves a big clutter problem for me.  What more could I ask for?  Two birds with one stone.  Perfect!  So, I guess I’ve made my decision.  Now, I just have to get the financing in place and plan things out.  I guess The Woman’s Study Center is really going to happen!  Thanks for listening.  You have been a great help!  I only hope I can help you in return.



~ by womenstudycenter on January 6, 2011.

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