Holiday Excitement

Well, I’m excited!  But,   not until after I tried out the new Wii and Wii Fit.  That was our family’s big purchase this year.  Well, I am in love.  We bought the bundled package which included sports.  What’s great about the Wii is that I am able to weigh in, and it does the BMI and body age, not to mention balance.  Turns out I’m not in as bad shape as I thought.  My body age is 57.  My daughter’s body age is 58!  That was an eye opener!!!!!!!

My little Weeble-looking avatar looks like Sally Jesse Raphael–complete with red glasses.  It is amazing how real the avatars look.  Even my husband’s looks just like him.  I love boxing.  The harder you hit the higher the points and it helps with balance and rhythm.  Bowling is so real.  It was so much more fun that actual bowling because I didn’t get so tired.  My wrists didn’t weaken and hurt like they do hefting that big heavy ball around.  There was soccer, though I haven’t tried that one, and ski jumping, arobics…found out the step program is a killer.  I could actually hurt myself by getting my feet tangled.  I don’t know how you ladies do that step.  I almost fell off the board. Will have to work slowly at it to get the hang of it.

We also got a dance moves Wii program.  That is a calorie burner!!!!!!!!  We did the short version and the sweat was pour off us.  What a work out!  And I love to dance!    The bad part of the Wii fit is that it remembers…too well.  Every time I get on the board it groans.  Now, you have to laugh at that.  It also remembers that I did not use it every day.  It kind of insulted me when I stepped on the board.  “Too busy to work out yesterday?” it said to me.  Kinda fun, mind you.

We have yet to open the Boot Camp fitness program we bought for my granddaughter, who is thinking about joining the military after graduation.  That should be interesting.  My daughter’s dance moves was quite entertaining.  I haven’t gotten the nerve to do it in front of everyone.  I will practice when no one is home.  Then, break out of the closet and show off my dance moves.

I can see that the Wii is going to be so good for the whole family.  We have found something that we can all do together as a family.  It also teaches social skills.  It will help my grandson, who has aspergers, social skills he is going to need.  He tends to blurt out in appropriate comments and we can help him to learn what is ok and what is not while playing this game.

This is so much fun, I am thinking of purchasing this for my workshops .  I was thinking I would have to install a bunch of expensive equipment at the office for women who can’t afford a gym membership, but, in light of the Wii, I can just purchase a large screen tv and the Wii system we have purchased and they can use that to work out with.  How fun!

So, I see where this is going.  I am expanding my vision of what the program can do.  I can hardly wait for next year to start to see where this all leads me.

See you next year!




~ by womenstudycenter on December 28, 2010.

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