Water: A place of Empowerment

I know this may sound funny, but my tub is one of my favorite places.  However, it was a frustrating place until I learned to bring a tablet and pen with me into the bathroom.  You see, every time I would get settled and relaxed, ideas would start pouring into my head.  Needless to say, it was not a relaxing time for me.  I find now that I am better able to relax even with leaving the light on so I can write while there.  I jot the ideas down and finally, I can put on my sleep mask to block the light and lay back and relax.

I was in my 50’s before I actually got to see the ocean.  I first discovered its wonderment when I went there on vacation in the 90’s.  My sister introduced me to the craggy Oregon Coast line around Coos Bay.  I have never before been so inspired as I was there.  I hated leaving when the time came.  Then again in 2001 I returned to Coos Bay.  It was soon obvious that water was magic for me.

We only live 3 hours from Myrtle Beach or Charleston now and can visit whenever we choose.  That is nice.  One cold winter day my husband announced that it was the winter solstice.  I had a bag of crystals and he wanted to go wash them in the ocean on that day.  It is supposed to rejuvinate them.  So, we hopped in the car and made our way to Myrtle Beach.  We stopped just long enough in the cold wind to dip the crystals, hopped back in the car and came home.  It was fun!

Scientifically there is a reason that we feel so good at the beach.  The wave action creates positive Ions, and they help create a feeling of wellness.  However, water of all kinds reacts to me in positive ways, not to mention the animals and water fowl that make their habitat there.  It is truly a place of enchantment.

We are building a pond in our front yard.  We had a small one in the back but dogs got in and tore up the rubber liner and now the pond leaks.  A beautiful Blue Heron found our pond and decided to use it as a personal feeding ground.  The six huge Koi, valued at around $150.00 each, because of their size, are no more.  However, our waterlilies are still there and we are anxious to be able to complete it so we can transplant them.  I have built a pergola near the pond and are growing grapes on it.  We will be putting a wood floor in it that will provide us with a wonderful, secret view of the pond.  I am sure it will be my favorite place except for the lake behind us.  Next year we have to finally create a walking path to the lake so we can utilize it.

May I suggest a special place — either a pond or fountain where you can hear the water flowing onto rock.  Create a lovely place where you can sit and take in the nature that will arrive as a result of the water feature.  It doesn’t have to be very big.  Just a large urn with a pipe and a pump that will bubble up and fall down on cobble rocks around it.  But, water is a must for a creative spirit and for peace, tranquility, and genuine health in general.  Place bird houses and feeders in the area.  You will be amazed at the wildlife that will congregate  in the area.  You can use either gold fish or Koi in your pond.  Gold fish do not live very long, however Koi can live 50 years.

Create a place outside in the fresh air for you to feel the power of water.  You won’t be disappointed.  It will be your haven, you special, secret place where you can go to meditate, pray, or just relax.  Experience the feelings of wellness there for water is a place of empowerment!


~ by womenstudycenter on December 13, 2010.

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