Trials and Tribulations not a punishment!

Throughout my 62 years I have often heard others, including my own children, rail against their Higher Power and interpreting the painful lessons in life as punishment.  They often feel that their Higher Power has a grudge against them and is hell-bent  on punishing them, endlessly.

What they fail to see is that these hard lessons are just that, lessons from which they can transcend.  The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”, knew these painful lessons were not punishment.

Those who believe in the evolution of the soul, know that we came here to evolve spiritually.  We are on a quest of sorts and because we have been cut off from our creator while we are here on earth, we have forgotten the purpose behind our journey.   Some even believe that we are doomed to repeat our time here on earth if we don’t get it before we leave.  I for one, have made a promise to myself to “GET IT” now so I do not have to repeat it.

In some ways it is easy to blame anyone but ourselves for our predicaments.  The allows us to take the easy path, the path of least resistance.  By handing our control and power over to others we have a good excuse for our pain, and we never have to change it.  We can wallow in self-pity and be miserable to our heart’s content.

Unfortunately, regardless of our choices, (and doing nothing is a choice), we make our own opportunities or lose them.  Looking inside for the answers is the key to change.  If we are being punished, we are doing the punishment because we don’t feel worthy of joy.  We don’t feel worthy of success.  We need to ask ourselves why we are doing this to ourselves?  Why are we putting ourselves into painful circumstances?  Then we need to ask ourselves, what can we do differently to change that.  We create our own reality.

Yes, bad things happen to good people.  Therefore, why us?  The better question to ask is what can we learn from it?  You can step off the merry-go-round and choose any direction that suits you.  Each day is a new opportunity.  Which direction will it be?

Happiness is a choice.  Choose to be Happy!


~ by womenstudycenter on December 12, 2010.

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