I want to dedicate this category to daily affirmations.  I know I need them.  Positive self talk is important, especially when we are so used to negative self talk.  In order to change my priorities, I am dedicating this category to just that, daily affirmations.  I will be drawing from all sorts of sources.  I would love to hear from you on what affirmations help you.

The reason I give empowerment workshops if because when a person feels empowered, they can be independent.  The whole purpose of my workshops is to hunt for buried treasure, your treasure, which is your autonomy, power and independence.  Now, this does not mean that in order to be empowered and independent you can’t ask for help.  Actually, knowing when you need help is in and of itself power.  Reaching out and creating a positive support systems can be your lifeline during hard times.

You must never give your power to anyone else.  This means that when you CAN do something for yourself, you do it yourself.  Turning the outcome over to someone else changes the dynamics of a relationship. It leaves the results up to someone else.  Though you may trust this person, they are not you.  They do not fully understand how the outcome will affect you.  They do not have the experience and insight to make a decision for you, and because we are human, we do not always do what is best for others.  We do things how we see it.  This does not make us bad people.  It simply means that we see the world through different filters so what is important to us may not be to you.  You may not like the outcome.  And, putting the decision in the hands of others handicaps them.  The relationship is no longer on an equal footing.  If you do not like the outcome you may blame the other person and that leads both of you to resentment, and eventually the end of the relationship.

Today’s affirmation is:  When you CAN do something for yourself, DO IT YOURSELF!


~ by womenstudycenter on December 9, 2010.

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