New Beginnings: One Bite At a Time

Today is a momentous day!  I realized not too long ago that if everything had to be perfect I might not ever get my Woman’s Study Center off the ground.  My daughter had often told me that you eat an elephant one bite at a time.  I suddenly realized that I had been stewing over how to eat an elephant.  It had seemed overwhelming and almost impossible.  I decided to break things down into small bites.  That is when it came to me…”Light Bulb Moment!”  I need to just start.  I had already done the basics.  I had a basic business plan already in the works.  It wasn’t complete but I had outlined where I wanted to go with The Woman’s Study Center.  I just needed to start at the beginning.

I had gone to the chiropractor and had talked a bit about my plans to the physical therapist who was working with me there.  She had said, “Why don’t you just hold a workshop here?”  We live in a very small town and often travel 30 miles to do most of our shopping and business.  My problem was that I had been stuck on the limitations of working in this small town.  Her words made me realize that I am only as limited as I make myself.  There were two small towns and two larger ones around us and all were about 30 miles away.  Suddenly the town I lived in became a hub of a bigger wheel.  The hub was the center and I could branch out from there.  I started to see the possibilities.

Self doubt had crept in quickly.  Fear stops many an idea from completion.  It had stopped me on a lot of occasions.  I knew this was what I had to do.  I just had self doubts about my ability to pull it off.  It was also a commitment.  That’s a scary word.  Well, I was talking to one of my Reiki clients the other day and she said that there were no support groups here where women could go and share their fears and their dream, let alone their anger.  She said that it would be nice to have one.  I started to realize that a support group is one of the things I wanted to do as part of my Woman’s Study Center.  She urged me to do it.  You know the Nike slogan…”Just Do It!”

Well, a couple of years ago I had talked to the Director of the 4H here who was affiliated with a University extension center in town.  She had mentioned a building they often rented out to groups.  So, I contacted her.  She explained that there was no cost, just a donation to cover upkeep, utilities, and such.  If I asked my ladies to donate to the kitty each time they came, that would take care of that problem.  There was no rent to speak of and that was perfect for what I wanted to do.  Then when she explained what was required as criteria for getting the space for our meetings, I knew that I qualified with my workshops.  The space must be used for educational purposes.  The workshops was definitely educational.  That could be the focus and the support group part of it could be part of that but not the focus.  So, I provided her with a synopsis of my business plan so they could see how serious I was about it.  The first phase was the workshops and support group and becoming known in the surrounding communities.  The second phase was to build a battered woman’s shelter here.  The only one we had access to was 30 miles away and it closed it doors this year.  There was no where to send these women who were in danger.

The third phase was to create a woman’s retreat complete with a large barn that can be used for dances, meetings, and other activities where large crowds gather.  Included would be cabins  for those who come for longer than a day.  A large eating place with a kitchen, restrooms, fire pit area, and a gym.  It could become a nationally known retreat.  I thought that knowing my plans would help them to see the benefits of my programs withing the larger community.

I gave a brief explanation of how the workshops would work and some of the outside activities like painting a new color on the wall in the clients house to teach how color changes our environment and our feelings, to taking them to Lowes or Home Depot for one of their Saturday How To classes.  I am just hoping that they like my format and the direction I want to go with this and let me have the space.  I will be sitting on pins and needles until I hear.  You will be the first to know how it turns out.

So, The Woman’s Study Center may be up and running before the first of the year.  I feel guided…er…pushed in this direction by my higher power.  So, I am taking a leap of faith.  I guess you could say I am “Leaping The Rift”.  That is what I am calling our bi-weekly meetings.  Wish me luck!



~ by womenstudycenter on November 5, 2010.

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