I am learning more about me as well as others

Went to the gym today.  I could only do half the time on the elliptical as yesterday and my legs didn’t seem to want to warm up on the treadmill so couldn’t do as much there either.  I have learned that I can’t do the elliptical every day.  I have to give my legs a rest from it.  I will only do it every other day.  At 62 I don’t recuperate as fast as I used to do.  And, I have discovered that even doing the same thing I did 17 years ago in the high deserts of Idaho, I am not getting as good a workout at 500 ft altitude here in the low country nearer the ocean.  So, I have to work harder and take longer to accomplish the same thing.  Bummer!  My body doesn’t have to work as hard at lower altitudes so I naturally burn fewer calories.  I guess that is why the athletes practice in the mountains of Colorado.  I would like to see some statistics on the health of people living in the higher altitudes compared to the lower altitudes.  I bet that would be an eye opener.

I took a test on Facebook about autism.  I am definitely not autistic.  However, my youngest daughter, now 36 took the test and what do you know, she is pretty autistic which now lets us know where her son, (my grandson), got his aspergers.  It tends to run in families.  Hers is a mild case.  My grandson is most definitely suffering from it.  I think if my husband, (age 70+), took the test, he would find out he has aspergers also.  He is step dad to my daughter and not related biologically, but having my grandson living with us has made me keenly aware of the traits.  And, my husband most definitely has it!  If you get a chance to watch the movie, “Adam” you will get to know a little about aspergers.  Most with aspergers seem to be  a bit quirky.  You might not even know they had aspergers.  It is a high functioning form of autism.  They are just able to hyperfocus and are very detail oriented and fixate on one or two things to death. Their one big problem is that they don’t read body language or tone and so they lack major social skills.  Most manage to live pretty well, but they will always be socially inept.  However, because they don’t know that they are socially inept, will not understand and just go about their lives.  They may be awkward physically and do not understand humor.  They may be geniuses in the fields that they focus on.  My grandson is a genius in math and science.  However, he has trouble understanding what he reads if it is fiction.  You will find him reading about earthquakes, bridges, disasters and NASCAR.  He will be able to tell you much more than you ever wanted to know about these subjects but can’t talk about feelings.  It’s just the facts, Mame.  Conversations are more of a lecture than a give and take conversation. He memorizes videos of his favorite subjects and can recite them word for word.  Other than that, they are pretty normal.  LOL!

Why am I telling you this?  The journey is as much about others as it is me and there is certainly a lot to learn about others.  I think it helps me to not take things too personally and to perhaps look at others with a bit more empathy and understanding.  We are not in this world alone, though i am sure there are times we would look forward to that.  I think, for myself, I would not like to be alone for long.  I would get pretty bored with just myself, though I do like my alone time.

So, while you are learning about yourself, how about looking around you and perhaps seeing who might be standing near by.  You might just be looking in the face of a new friend.  Don’t forget to smile as you pass by.  That smile could make someone’s day!








~ by womenstudycenter on October 24, 2010.

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