Get out of your own way

I realize now that I have lost focus when it comes to the reason I started this blog.  There have been occasions when I needed to vent, but now, I see that the purpose is not an emotional outlet for me, but rather a sharing of my years of experience to help you change your life.  Recently I have been thinking about important things to share.  What can I say to guide you gently towards the changes you want to make in your own life?

I have been learning about Quantum Physics and that according to many scientists, we are the creators of our own reality.  Further, that if we would only get out of our own way, we could create a life of  joy and plenty.  As strange as this sounds, I don’t think that the theories here conflict with my own personal religious beliefs.  Actually, I think that in many ways it validates those beliefs.  Quantum Physics, for most scientists, is the closest they have come to scientifically proving that we religious people have been right all along.  And, that regardless of a person’s religion, intelligent design is part of what they are discovering from the study of Quantum Physics.

Surprised?  I was.  You might want to check out and type in “Quantum Physics applied to mind power“.  You will be enlightened and amazed that the scientific community is coming around to believe in Intelligent Design.  Having said that, let’s get on with the “getting out of our own way” part.  Whether you are religious or not, this is the part that is important.

We are that we should have joy.  If this is true then why are we so unhappy?  Why do we keep doing the same things over and over again, yet expect a different result?  Because we are standing in our own way and don’t understand what we are doing that is keeping us from being happy, we are programed to continue to be unhappy.

So what is needed to change this continual unhappy loop?  We need to change our thinking.  Now, the laws of Quantum Physics tell us that we have infinite possibilities.  Quantum Physics is the physics of possibilities.  There are infinite options and potentials.  However, we are programed by our childhood and the thinking of those around us, not to mention society in general, to think a certain way.  For example:  I grew up in a Blue Collar household and was told that I should be satisfied with what I had and that there was a whole world out there, (white collar), that I would never be able to crack.  I continued that thinking, limiting myself in every way until I started college just before my divorce.  There, doors and windows were opened to this world of White collar and I just had to step through.  I suddenly was not content with my average Blue Collar existence because I knew that I didn’t have to settle.  Options and Possibilities were suddenly within my grasp and there was no going back.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more.  There is nothing wrong with desiring.  There is nothing wrong with wanting what we have a right to have.  Coveting others for their accomplishments makes us unhappy.  It’s not the wanting, it is the coveting.  So, if you need more money in your life, or want a better house, or need to lose weight, or find a better job…no matter what it is, don’t whine and complain about what you don’t have…start thinking about getting it.  There lies the magic wand.

Let me try and explain.  I need to lose weight.  I am unhappy with myself right now.  This is the one struggle I have left that defeats me at every turn.  Instead of visualizing myself thin and asking for it and expecting it, I complain and whine and commiserate with others with like problems and basically covet the lean bodies of others.  What I don’t do is focus on being thin.  I have programmed myself to expect failure instead of success. I surround myself with those who have similar issues.  I attend meetings with those who have similar issues.  In every way I perpetuate the status quo.   I am standing in my own way.  In order for me to become the person I need to be to be happy, I have to get out of my own way.  And to do that I have to stop telling the story of why I am the way I am and start living as if I have already achieved my goal.

What has happened to me in the past does not matter.  What matters is the now and the future.  Dwelling on past only keeps us repeating the past.  We must now step into the present, shed the past as if it were a snake skin, and like the snake, grow and expand our present and think about what we want in the future.

Let’s say that your love life sucks.  I used to say that knowing what I don’t want is as important as knowing what I do want.  Well, I was wrong.  As long as I focused on what I didn’t want, I continued to get what I didn’t want.  It was only when I focused on what I did want that my present husband came into my life.  While no one is perfect, I got the one thing that I desired…an improvement in my financial status.  While money doesn’t bring happiness, it can make life easier.  And my life has been a lot easier than it had been in the past.  I wasn’t rich, but I was comfortable.  And that reduced my stress and increased the potential for happiness.  It also improved the quality of my health greatly.  And, without health, the rest doesn’t matter much.

I have no regrets.  My past is part of who I am now.  Without those experiences, good and bad, I would not be who I am and I like who I am now.  So, rather than be angry, resentful, sad or be consumed with the negative feelings out of my past, I choose to live in the now and plan for the future.

Here is what you do now…write on a piece of paper all the hurts and bad things that have happened to you in the past.  Write down all the names of those who have hurt you.  Write down all the snide remarks, the hurtful comments, the jokes at your expense, the snubs, the ridicules, the physical hurts, the emotional hurts, the spiritual hurts…. and when you are done start a fire in the fireplace, out back on the driveway, in the firepit where you roast marshmallows, in a garbage can out on the cement pad or the patio, or in the barbque grill…anywhere that is safe for you to burn.

After you have started the fire, go down your list and let go of the experience and the feelings.  Forgive the person who caused them.  Then, when you are done reading your list, wad the paper up and throw it in the fire.   Now, you must never dwell on them again.

Now, you need to make a list of what you want, need and desire.  This is called a Universe List.  This is your way of asking for what you want, need and desire.  This is the first step in getting what you want.  These are the things that you dwell on from this day forward.  Be very detailed in your list. Let’s say you want a boat.   Don’t just say, I want a boat.  Describe the boat and where you want to sail it.  Describe the life you want to live surrounding the boat.  List the people you want in your life while sailing this boat.  What do you want to be doing?  Where do you want to live?  How do you look?  How do you feel while living this life?  Oh, and make sure you list how you are going to get the boat.  How much money will it take?  When do  you want the boat?  Leave out no detail.  This is what  you think and feel about now.  If you want more money list how much more.  Let the Universe know if you want happiness, health, peace, joy, love, adventure, or anything else  you may need.  If you want to help others put them in your list and tell what needs you want to be able to meet of theirs and how much money you will need to do this.  If you want to start a business, make a business plan as part of your list and include everything you need to know about your business.  Visualize where it will be, how big it will be, the size building it will need, or for home based businesses, what equipment you will need or the skills you will need, the training you will need, etc.

Each time you start to relive the past, consciously bring the present and the future into your thoughts.  Sit down and re-read your Universe list.  As you accomplish the things on your list, cross them off and add more as they come to you.  Pretty soon you will see how much you have accomplished toward your happiness.

According to the scientists who study Quantum Physics, what you think is what you get. Change your thinking and new things will come to you.  Get out of your own way and discard your old skin.  Focus on the changes you want in your life and don’t be surprised when they happen!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s what is supposed to happen.  You are supposed to get what you want.  So Sit down and write your discard list and then let go of the past so the future can happen.   This is the perfect time to create a soul collage as a visual reminder of what you want, need, and desire.  Find a picture of a slim person to remind you of what you want.  Find a picture of the perfect boat.  Find a picture that represents the lifestyle you want to live or a quality you want in a mate.  Create a collage and place it in plain view.



~ by womenstudycenter on November 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “Get out of your own way”

  1. i am making my list tonite!

    • I am so glad to hear that! Just an additional note: I had a wart on the bottom of my toe. I have not been able to indulge myself with a pedicure for years because of it. I put the wart on my list as something that I wanted gone. It’s gone. Now, I can’t say for sure that putting it on the list did it. But, it is certainly worth mentioning. And, it motivates me to keep going. I am now able to cross it off my list. I am going to keep track of everything that actually happens since I started the list. I would like to hear from each of you when something actually happens. Perhaps our collective thoughts will start changing the lives of not just ourselves, but those around us. Let me know what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Let me tell you about my friend Rita. Since she created her list a piece of land that she owned has been staked out by an oil company and they intend to drill on it. She told me that when she made her list she didn’t know how the “Universe” was going to make all the things that she wanted, needed, and desired happen. Well, she just told me that it looks like she will receive quite a hefty sum that will be paid monthly as soon as the well is drilled and it starts producing. Sounds to me like the “Universe” has figured it out. And, one of her sons just finalized a law suit over a death that will provide for his children for quite some time. So, what is the worse thing that could happen? Nothing. I believe that it is worth a try. How about you?

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