My Universe List

I want to give my friend Rita credit for this Universe List.  What is a Universe List?  It is a list that you make of all your wants and needs. “Write it down, make it happen”…The is the name of a book you must read! You keep adding to your list and crossing off those things that come to pass.  You read them at least once each day.  Your wants and desires and needs can’t be given to you unless you let the supreme being know what you desire.  This is just one way of accomplishing that.  There are other ways to accomplish this like using prayer, but for today, we will talk about the Universe List.

Have you ever wondered how all your wants and needs will be provided?  Well, this list is a leap of faith that you believe that if you put it out into the Universe, you will be provided with it.  Yes, it may seem a bit gimmicky, but it helps to focus your thoughts.  Have you ever heard the saying that you are what you think?  Well, if you focus and think on the things you want or need, you are more likely to make decisions or do things that will bring these things about.  I guess you could say it is the power of positive thinking.  Think it and it will happen.

The Universe list works on the same premise.  I tried it for the first time this week and already things are in motion.  We went to Florida to visit family.  They just happened to live near where the space shuttle was going to be launched.  However, they canceled the launch due to bad weather but we decided to go ahead with our plans and to visit these family members that we hadn’t seen in a long time.  Not only did we have a wonderful visit, but an entire new way of thinking was opened to us.

My husband has wanted to see a launch for a long time.  It didn’t seem to work out.  However, what we gained by deciding to go anyway, was so much more than the experience of a launch could accomplish.  We’ll go again next year before they cancel the program.  However, we met people who knew how to get hold of boats as salvage that we can purchase for pennies and fix up for a vacation home.  Before this trip, this possibility would never been part of our possibility thinking.  Suddenly an entirely new path has opened up our life in ways we could never have imagined.

Once I wrote a letter to President Clinton.  I explained that part of the problem with our youth was lack of vision.  Without vision there is no hope.  Without hope there is dispare.  Those youth who know nothing but the few square blocks they live on have no vision.  They can’t think possibilities because no one has provided them with viable options they can visualize and know that they can accomplish.  They lose their way.

What I suggested was to take them out of the cities and get them out under the stars.  Let them board a ship and sail the oceans as hands on classroom.  I suggested that they be provided experiences they would never have otherwise been able to experience.  Let them ride horses, plant a garden and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Let them plant trees, ride the rapids, camp in the forest.  Let them do all the things they might never do otherwise.  This will provide vision.  They can’t miss what they have never had.  It is their positive wants and desires that suddenly become possible that will motivate them to build rather than tear down their neighborhoods.

This is what the Universe list can do.  It will open you up to possibility thinking.  Think it and you become it.

When are you going to make your Universe list?


~ by womenstudycenter on November 13, 2009.

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