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I just got back from a few days in central Florida…DeLand, Deltona, Orange City, DeBerry area.  We stopped by the St. Johns Marina in DeLand on the St. Johns River to meet and visit with friends of my husband’s brother and his wife who live in Orange City.  If you ever drop by the St. Johns Marina, don’t forget to visit the Shady Oaks Bait and Tackle shop there and Let Chris or Jeff know that we sent you.  They also rent pontoon boats, have live bait, provide dockside service and have marine batteries.  Well, these young men are great!  They let us take a pontoon boat out on the river.  It was a marvelous experience!  The only time I have been to Florida was once to see Disney World and visit Sea World.  It was straight down and straight back and I never got to see the sights.

My idea of what Florida was all about turned out to be just that…my idea, not reality.  It was a very nice place.  These towns are about 20 minutes from the ocean.  They are near Orlando, South of Jacksonville.  Oh, and the St. Johns River…not like any river I’ve seen.  They are nothing like the rivers of the west.  They meander through swamps where thousands of birds live along with the manatee, gators, and turtles.  It is green and lush, and dotted with flowers everywhere.  Moss hangs from the trees.  It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Of the four days we were there, only one was cold and rainy.  The rest of the time it was warm and mostly sunny and wonderful for a mid-November day.  Chris and Jeff are looking for a boat for us to buy and remodel so that we can store it in a slip when we are not there, and enjoy boating in this tropical paradise when we vacation.  Slip storage is very inexpensive.  Of course when we are living on the boat, the expense goes up but for a vacation place, it is very reasonable.

I have volunteered to paint a mural on the wall in Chris’s bait and tackle shop.  So, the next time we head to Florida, I will be taking along my smock, paints, brushes, and vision and spend time painting.  I can hardly wait!  Jim is going to make me a portable easel to keep on the boat.

The point I want to make here is that if I had not accepted my sister-in-laws invitation to visit, (originally we were going down to see the launch of the space shuttle that was canceled due to weather), I would never have gotten this new vision of Florida.  My husband is Ex Navy and has been trying for years to convince me to live on a boat.  It was not part of my life experience and I just ignored his suggestion.  After my experience this week, I can actually see myself living, part-time, on a boat and traveling the water ways and perhaps even up the inter-coastal waterways.  This is paradigm shift for me.  So, before you cross things off your list of possibilities, check them out.  You may be pleasantly surprised.



~ by womenstudycenter on November 13, 2009.

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