Saving Whales

This season’s Whale Wars has stirred my emotions.  While I don’t condone ramming ships, this season’s impotence brought the  issues of whaling by the Japanese fleet to a head.  I feel, after seeing the show, that Captain Paul did not intentionally ram the Japanese ship.  They were trying to maneuver into a small opening to block the transfer of the whale carcass to the manufacturing ship.  It was an attempt to stop them, which went  badly.  The captain of the Sea Shepard would never endanger his crew or the ship in a fruitless ramming incident.  Things just turned badly as the ships were trying to maneuver in a small space.  The whaling ship cut the Sea Shepard off as the harpoon ship was trying to get close enough to transfer the carcass. In the video footage from the TV show, you can see him cranking the wheel with all his might to avoid a collision.  There was just not enough time or distance to accomplish this when the harpoon ship cut them off in an attempt to beat them to the manufacturing ship.  It will be interesting to see what the Australian government does.

The international law gives the Japanese the right to decide for themselves how much they will catch for research purposes.  And, since no meat can go to waste  as a result of the research, the Japanese have a perfect cover to continue to harvest these endangered creatures and continue to make a profit from selling the meat after the kill.  No one, and I repeat, no one needs over 900 whales each year to study.  Maybe 50, but mot over 900!  Can’t or won’t the countries of the world stand up to the Japanese and set legal limits on their hunting and killing the whale?  This would solve the problem.  There then would be no need for anyone to have to protect them.  It’s simple!  Set quotas and don’t let the Japanese government continue to slaughter these magnificent creatures!!!!

Go to to find out more and to donate to this wonderful cause!


~ by womenstudycenter on August 22, 2009.

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