My Cat – Puddy

Puddy arrived September of  2003.  He will be six years old this September.  I was walking from the house to the mailbox down our 20ft. wide gravel driveway.  I heard this strange bird chirping.  It was a sound I had never heard before.  It sounded strangely sweet.  I walked to the mailbox and retrieved the mail.  As I was walking back to the house I again heard that strange bird.  I looked up and then looked over at the trees, but couldn’t see anything.  Suddenly the chirping drew me to look down.

There, a few inches from my foot was this small kitten.  He had drug himself all the way across the driveway from the field next door.  His hind legs didn’t seem to have much strength.  He was using his front legs to drag himself to me.  He was the chirping bird I had heard.

I picked him up.  I could hold him in the palm of my hand and he was still smaller than my palm.  His eyes weren’t open yet.  He had been abandoned by his mother.  My heart leaped and surged.  On one hand, my husband and I had decided we didn’t want pets to complicate our life.  A pet would compromise our freedom to come and go as we pleased.  Traveling would be a problem with a pet.  Who would we get to take care of one if we wanted to go gallivanting off somewhere?

But, despite all the negatives, I wanted to take care of this little creature.  I wanted to be its mommy.  I was afraid to love it.  I was afraid to let it get under my skin.  I called my husband, who was on a contract job in Virginia.  After explaining my predicament I asked him if it would be alright if we kept him.  He laughed and said, “Of course”.

It had been years since I had raised a baby kitten by hand.  I panicked.  What if I messed up?  What if I couldn’t do it?  I called the vet and took the kitten in.  She said that he was about 2 days old.  They gave me a small bottle, formula, and I tried to nurse him.  I found myself so afraid I would mess up, I almost cried.  I was worried.  But, I took him home and we worked it out.

It is now six years later.  This tiny ball of fluff now weighs almost 12 lbs.  But he is still my baby.  We called him baby because it just fit, until my grandchildren and daughter came to live with us.  They named him Puddy and it stuck.  I still sneak in a “baby” now and then when he climbs up on my lap, stretches his paws out on the huggie blanket he has had since he was a kitten, and nurses on the blanket while I sit in my recliner.  After all, I am his mommy.

I’ll share more of his antics later.  For now, Puddy, meet readers.  Readers, meet Puddy.



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