Mother’s Curse

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The Mother’s Curse

by Christy Lee

I used to joke with my children about “The Mother’s Curse”…May you have at least one child just like you! Of course, this was in the day when they left home to go to college and didn’t come back unless it was a holiday or special occasion like weddings and funerals.  Never…and I mean NEVER…. did I think that “The Mother’s Curse” would come back to haunt me.

Yes, things are different from when my children were growing up.  So much has changed.  I am surprised that my children survived me.  All those alcohol baths I gave my children when they were running high fevers could have caused brain damage.  They now have child rearing conveniences that I never dreamed of.  Rectal thermometers are a thing of the past….thank goodness!  I much prefer the stick it in your ear kind.  Spanking?  Please…..gone the way of the dinosaurs.  Reason, firmness, consistency, and kindness is now the mantra chanted by most parents.  What has happened to the good old days where it was so much simpler…and so was “The Curse”.

Let me see–I’ve gotten off track here.  I was talking about “The Curse”, wasn’t I?  You know that insanity is hereditary, don’t you?  Well, you get it from your kids!  It’s “The Mother’s Curse” gone bad.  Ok, I cursed them.  I wished that they would have a little one just like them.  You know, pay backs are a bitch!  Well, so is Karma.  They did get children just like them….and then they came back home with hubby, children, dogs, ferrets, fish, frogs, and a whole pet store full of birds, snakes and lizards.  And, then they proceed to linger.  Yes, linger.  You know what I mean.

And that’s when it hits you…”The Mother’s Curse”.  As I wipe the peanut butter and jelly from the leather sofa and cut the chewing gum from the cat’s fur….. it hits me…… “The Mother’s Curse”.  Whatever was I thinking?


~ by womenstudycenter on January 18, 2009.

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