Articles You Will Want To Read

fearFear – by Christine Bruun/Editor – Single Scene

I was watching my favorite TV program on HGTV, “Interior Motives” with Christopher Lowell. The program was about creativity. His words echoed across the room at me. “Where there is fear, there is no creativity. ” He went on to explain that when we are unable to be creative, our self esteem suffers. Basically, we humans need a place, a space where we can create.”

beachBest Beach Vacation Ever! – by Christine Bruun/Editor – Single Scene

I used to think that a dream vacation was out of my league. I felt that there was no way I would ever be able to rent that beach house. Well, I was really wrong!”

cryhouse2Before You Become Homeless – by Christine Bruun/Editor – Single Scene

“Things You can do before you become homeless”

courageCourage – by Christine Bruun/editor – Single Scene

Fear stands in the way of most of our successes. Unfortunately it is left over from the caveman era and only serves as a stumbling block.”

workWhat Do You Do For A Living? – by Christine Bruun/Editor – Single Scene

“For some women and men, this dating question can bring on panic attacks.

Why, you ask? Because your occupation is often a status symbol. In the world of men, especially, a person’s occupation has always been connected to status. There is a very definite and rigid class system that many women are not aware of.”


Middle Age Crisis – by Christine Bruun/Editor – Single Scene

One of the saddest repercussions of broken marriages or the death of a spouse is the disparity of incomes between men and women after-wards.

rich1Looking For Mr. Rich – by Christine Bruun/Editor- Single Scene

One reader wrote: “I don’t make a lot of money, but I get by. I am buying my own home, which I bought after my divorce. I have a steady job and a small retirement. I am not rich, so if a lady is looking for money, she had better not waste her time.”

dadDead Beat Dads – by Christine Bruun – editor – Single Scene

The effects of non payment of child support by non custodial parents have many ramifications.”

runningGood Men Are Runners – by Jen –  Feature Writer – Humor

“Are there any good men left?”

footballGo Green Bay! – an article written for Single Scene by Christine Bruun

It is Monday Night! It is football season. The Packers are playing. You can sit home and watch it on television alone…or…

justdo2Just Do It! An article written- by Christine Bruun – Single Scene News Letter

“I had forgotten how to have fun…”


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