Step #2: What is Holding You Back?

What is limiting you? What is keeping you from moving forward? What causes you to hesitate, doubt, or give up?

This time you will need a pen and paper. You might want to use a Bound Journal for some of these projects. It is always helpful to keep a record of what you learn about yourself so you can go back and re-read it during times of stress and worry. It helps to see just how far you’ve come and if you are experiencing the same problems over and over again. This may signal you that you have not really found the reason you are not moving forward. Some things may be symptoms rather than the actual cause. If you only try to fix the symptoms, you will not overcome the problem. Don’t be fooled by the symptom. Dig deeper until you find the source of your pain.

Take as long as you need for this project. It is important to break things down into small increments. Don’t try to do it all in one day. It won’t hurt to take a week or a month to do this project. In fact it may take a while to dig out all the things that are stopping you from being your true self.

This subject is very complicated. It is like an onion. You have to peel back the layers to find what you are looking for and when you do, you may have to look even deeper. So, don’t rush this project. It pays to take your time.

You can always post here on this blog to get feedback from others. Perhaps someone who has gone through it can help you clarify things or give you suggestions on where to look next. One thing you can depend on–The Woman’s Study Center is your advocate and will do our best to help you or steer you to someone who can.

Now, accept the healing that will come your way as a result of bringing these issues and feeling into the light.

I am excited to read your posts as you go through this personal journey.



~ by womenstudycenter on January 13, 2009.

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