More Important things

Higher Self: You have the resources within yourself to handle all situations. You are capable of making appropriate decisions to improve your life. You are also capable of rejecting those negative influences that may not be right for your success.

1. Remember to seek answers from within yourself, asking your Higher Power to provide all you need to accomplish the goal or problem you wish to solve. Then you must wait patiently for the answer and trust that you will receive it.
2. We don’t always receive our answers in conventional ways. Few will actually hear a voice blaring from somewhere in space. Few, if any, will receive a visit from a heavenly being. It just doesn’t work that way for most of us. Your answers will come through symbols and messages best suited to your own perceptions, through dreams, a chance meeting, a quotation in a book or by any number of paths.
3. Some answers come immediately, some over night, and others may be received at sometime in the future.
4. Whatever the time frame or method it is your role to trust, without preconceptions, that answers will come to you at some time in the future. Sometimes the answers are not what we expected. However, what ever the answers you receive, make note of them and act accordingly.

Self Protection: You are being asked to take steps to protect yourself from internal and external interference while keeping your self-esteem intact.

1. Reinforce your strength and abilities and deflect anything that diminishes your sense of your higher purpose. Stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. There is a reason you are here right now. There is a reason you have experienced the things you have endured. There is a lesson to be learned and you must figure out what it is that you are being taught. Sometimes your Higher Power is kicking you in the butt to get your attention. Sometimes you are just not listening. If you feel like you are butting your head against a brick wall and getting no where, perhaps it is because you need to re-evaluate things and try something different.

Intellect:You have been given the means to support and sustain your newly healed life. No one said it would be easy. However, you do have what it takes to accomplish what ever you set out to do. Just ask yourself this question: Is what I am doing getting me closer to my goal? If not, STOP! Rethink things. Then act accordingly.

1. Know that as you act upon these ideas, you nourish not only yourself but all that enters your life as well.
2. You will be changed from a fearful, follower to a decision-maker. This requires responsibility for actions taken.
3. You are capable of evaluating circumstances and choosing the right path. It’s all there for you to use. All the knowledge you need is right there in front of you. You have a blank slate and can write anything on it you wish.
4. You deserve respect.
5. God gave us the intellect and knowledge of right and wrong. This knowledge provides you with judgment, rational thinking, and the ability to handle new and difficult situations. We were born with everything we need to be successful. It is up to us to decide how to use that knowledge–for good or for bad.
6. Balance your ability to learn and reason with your ability to feel and express emotion.
7. Use your mind to mesh your intuition with your mind. Both are necessary to keep you on track. Learn to listen to your gut. It is usually right.
8. Let them carry you as a team. One without the other will never secure your best interests
9. Let your intuition carry you along with your knowledge.



~ by womenstudycenter on January 13, 2009.

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