The Difference Between Meditation and Prayer

Many people confuse Meditation with prayer. Let me clarify these two terms. Prayer is a direct communication between you and your maker. It is a one-way line to your Creator from you. It is simply put, the way you ask for help from your Spiritual guide and let him know what you need, think and appreciate.

Meditation is much different. Meditation is a moment in time when you let go of all the conflicts, stress and chaos in your life and relax. It is a time when you push all the negative energy from your body and forget about it. You simply concentrate on healing yourself through relaxation, positive thought and energy, and through stillness. It is like pulling the covers over your head emotionally, physically, and spiritually so you can rejuvenate your waning energy.

Meditation eliminates all the stresses in our life and allows us to be still and quiet so we can be ready to hear the messages we are receiving from our prayers. If we are not quiet we may miss the answers we receive. Meditations allows us to think clearly and to be able to solve problems better. Our mind is free to delve into all the possibilities. We are able to receive promptings of the spirit and to know that in the silence we are ready to hear those promptings.

Influences, interactions, and stimuli flood us each day. It is important to take periodic breaks from the fast pace of our lives and return our attention to the quiet place where your spirit can rest. Find a time where you can be alone in a quiet place, uninterrupted. It can be sitting in the car in the garage, sitting on a pillow in your walk-in closet, a comfy wing back chair in the sewing room or den. It can even be outside somewhere in your yard. The place does not matter. You just need peace and quiet and some time alone uninterrupted.

Do your breathing exercises and create a special place in your mind where you can go. It can be a meadow, a forest, a mountain, a valley, an ocean, or any place you wish. In this special place you can do anything you choose. You can be anyone you choose. You can swim with dolphins; you can walk through a beautiful garden. You can stand near a waterfall and feel the spray on your face. This is your special place.
Meditate to restore your well being. It brings light to a new message of clarity, new vision and understanding. It is a fresh start place.



~ by womenstudycenter on January 12, 2009.

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