Create A Special Place in Your Mind

A. Influences, interactions, and stimuli flood us each day. It is important to take periodic breaks from the fast pace of our lives and return our attention to the quiet place where your spirit can rest. Find a time where you can be alone in a quiet place, uninterrupted. Do your breathing exercises and create a special place in your mind where you can go. It can be a meadow, a forest, a mountain, a valley, an ocean, or any place you wish. In this special place you can do anything you choose. You can be anyone you choose. You can swim with dolphins; you can walk through a beautiful garden. You can stand near a waterfall and feel the spray on your face. This is your special place.

If you choose, your spiritual guide can meet you there. Let me explain from my experiences here. The idea of a Heavenly father, a Spirit Guide, A Spiritual Mentor, (what ever you choose to call him/her), was very difficult for me. My experience with fathers was not what I would call, “trust building”. So, to think of a father figure who was there for me when I needed him was very foreign. I attended 12 step for my weight problem for years but never got beyond step one because of the conflicts between what it was asking and my personal experience. How could I turn my life over to a “father” who, in my experience, had never been there for me? This was my dilemma. Finally, I decided to create my own Spiritual Guide–my own Heavenly Father figure. That appealed to me because I was in control of the process and could create him any way I chose. This allowed me to take the next step.

My spiritual guide is a middle aged man in white robes, and looking like the typical picture of Jesus, (beard, long hair, etc). However in my Special place he arrives, no matter what, to meet what ever needs I have at the time. My first need was to nurture my inner child. My spirit guide would sit under a Live Oak with branches that ran a couple of feet above the ground so I could climb in it. I would often picture myself curled up in a fetal position while he just held me and stroked my hair. There were times when I pictured us dancing among the wild flower in the meadow or laying in the grass making daisy chains with the wild flowers. Sometimes I would wade in the stream that ran through the meadow and catch tad poles or minnows with my bare hands. What ever nurturing I needed at the time was taken care of by the spirit guide I created. He would always walk me back to my portal where I returned at the end of each meditation. No matter what, he was there for me, because I willed it to be so.

As I grew emotionally, having had my inner child nurtured, I became an adolescent. My needs changed. Sometimes I railed at him in anger. Sometimes I sobbed in sadness. Sometimes I chatted endlessly. Sometime I just sat quietly with my head in his lap as he stroked me. He never uttered a single word. He was just there for me. It was all about me.

Now, as an adult emotionally, I seldom have to go back to nurture my inner child. I can walk and talk with my spirit guide. I can share what is going on in my life. I can share my emotions and my experiences and ask for what I need. The emotional cliff I had experienced has disappeared and a soft hill has taken its place. I am calmer and more willing to ask for the help I need, not just from my spirit guide, but from others as well. I still rail at him on occasion when life seems to conspire against me, but those times are fewer and less intense. My emotional maturity is finally catching up with my physical age.

So, you can create your guide any way you want. Or, have none at all in your special place. It is all up to you. In your special place you are safe. You are at peace. Beauty, nature, joy, love, and all the things you need to nurture yourself surround you. This is the way you can take care of you at the very basic level. Nurture yourself by meditating in your special place.

My sister has a special place… a cardboard box. Don’t laugh! I’m serious. It sits on a beach and she is inside. There are holes cut in the box so she can look out, but no one can see in. Interestingly enough, her inner child is Native American. Both of us are drawn to the Native American way of life, even though we have not managed to discover if we have any Native American heritage. We managed to marry spouses who had Native American ancestors, so our children carry that heritage. Eventually we hope to find an actual ancestral connection to the Native Americans through our French Canadian ancestors.

My portal to my Special Place is a door that takes me from my present to my Special place. I walk down steps to a garden path that takes me past a waterfall and through a forest into my meadow. There are times when I take an alternate path that takes me to a beach where I can swim with dolphins in healing waters littered with healing stones. Open up your creative side and create a place where you can go when you need to heal from the world.

Meditating opens you to the messages from your creator and your own mind. Block out the world for that brief moment in time and heal. Meditate to restore your well being. It brings light to a new message of clarity, new vision and understanding. It is a fresh start place.



~ by womenstudycenter on January 12, 2009.

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