To see need or pain and do nothing…Apathy

Apathy is rampant in our world today. There are so many people in this world in need of a hand up or a kind smile, or a donation from our pocket book, it is difficult to choose which we will do. But to do nothing is in the face of pain, suffering, or terrible living conditions, is repulsive to me. I don’t understand the concept.

I cannot help but put out my hand to others if they are suffering. Please read: The Bonds That Break — a social comment on Columbine High School shootings –

One of the survivors shared his horrific story that day. He had been in the school restroom where he tried to hide from the slaughter. A shooter entered the restroom and aimed his gun at him. For a brief moment there was a shared look. The gunman turned and left without shooting.

When asked why he thought that his life had been spared he commented: I didn’t know him very well but whenever we passed in the hall I would smile at him in acknowledgment and he would smile back. I guess that one small gesture had saved his life. (paraphrased).

Is this not the very least we can do — To simply smile in acknowledgment when we pass a stranger? It costs us nothing. It took seconds out of a busy day. It cost nothing but was priceless in the end. A life was spared because of this small, incidental connection to another person that probably went unnoticed by everyone around them. How perfect a moment!

I value not just human life but those of our animal friends. To save a life, no matter how inhuman is saving our own life. Our planet is in danger and our animal friends need our help. Check out the following website at:

Don’t forget to visit where we investigate and report Bigfoot sightings and provide resources for information in books and videos. We used to do field research until my husband’s kidney disease ended our outings. Now, we just report sightings from people who share them with us. He also is in need of protection.

Help me help others by letting me know ways to help people all around the world. is one of those sites that provide important information on non profit organizations where you can get involved.

At the very least, get involved in your community. President Elect Obama knows the power of volunteerism. It was the one thing that was responsible for his success. We can change the world but we first have to banish our apathy and involve ourselves in organizations and causes that will do just that, one person at a time.

Concrete Dome Housing — affordable and safe…great for 3rd world countries and low income housing. Withstands all types of disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons…can be built for $30,000.00 to $40.000 … great for singles, couples, retirees, even families in poorer countries. When placed in a circle with a center courtyard, it serves as a secure place for people to live. A common play area allows all to get to know each other and form close community bonds. Children are safer in this type of housing. Homes can be built closer together on smaller pieces of land.

Where to start: Start at home with the Angel Trees each Christmas by buying a gift for a child listed on the tree. It is a simple way to help out those who need our help. What better way to start than by helping children. The Salvation Army sponsors this and even provides you with the child’s needs, wants and sizes. It makes shopping simple and easy.

Volunteer at your local animal shelter. It will open your eyes to their plight. 100’s of thousands of dogs are done away with every day just in this country. It is an epidemic. The very best thing to do is neuter or spade your pet to prevent unwanted animals. The second thing you can do is adopt from the animal shelter. They provide neutering and spading for a nominal fee and even provide their shots. Included with our dog was a rabies tag with the animal’s information on it. Don’t forget the cats! They need our help too.

I read an article a while back of one young student who saw a need and committed himself to it. He raised enough money to pay to have a well and pump system built in an African community. They now have fresh, clean water. If one grade school student can do it, we can also. It just takes seeing the need and taking action. It doesn’t have to be so grand as building a well. It could helping to start a library in a 3rd world country. Or, it could simply be calling the police when you see or hear something out of the ordinary. Even if it is not what it seems, you could save a life by making one tiny phone call and then letting the police do their job.

How about starting a Community Watch in your neighborhood? Ask your police to schedule a meeting where you can all meet to discuss your communities needs. Then volunteering to help any way you can. It will help your community and perhaps even save your life. It is proven that crime goes down in communities that create a community watch program. Also, find out what you can do to prevent crime in your community.

Whether we like it or not, what happens in foreign countries effects us either directly or indirectly. Whether it is endangered species, rain forest destruction, war, or starvation, it all comes back to us eventually in one way or another. Whether it is piracy on the high seas, destruction of the rain forest to create charcoal, the poaching of endangered species, the purchase and sale of blood diamonds… eventually it comes back to us.

There are so many choices! Where do we start? Study, research, investigate and then pick something. Don’t just sit there shaking your head and watching the pain and suffering of the world around you. Pick something and do it. Even a small kindness eventually makes a big difference. It’s not easy. But, it is worth it in the end, and it is that end that we are working for.



~ by womenstudycenter on January 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “To see need or pain and do nothing…Apathy”


    • I was so pleased to view the Utube video about the LDS church in India. Many people do not know that the LDS Church is the first in and the last out in a crisis situation after a natural disaster–and the LDS Church does it quietly and without PR or acknowledgment. They just do it!–because it’s right! The LDS church sends aid to all countries in the form of hygiene kits, clothing, toys–all types of aid. The LDS church has even provided tractors. I remember a young man from South Korea, (SAM), who operated an orphanage there. He came to the United States and attended BYU so he could go back to South Korea and better help his people. The LDS church bought him a tractor. He lived with our family while he was going to school. I learned a lot from him. I was in high school at the time, (the “60’s). The young man would go around to the military bases and go through trash cans to get food for his kids. The military started putting the leftovers out in wrapped packages for him each day. To see the tears in his eyes as he told us of having to hunt through garbage cans to feed the kids in his orphanage was something I will always remember. I have always been aware of other’s sufferings, but that really brought it home. It was, perhaps the beginning of a lifetime of my social consciousness.

      I am also impressed with the rest of his blog. It has a lot of good insight.


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