Collage: a visual guide to your heart’s desires

I am looking at a collage I did not too long ago. I am a visual person. I needed to put down on paper my heart’s desire. I did not know what I was thinking and feeling or where it would lead me, but I have found answers before in collages I have created.

In the middle is a bright blue rose. It takes up the middle of the paper. There is a yellow Lilly to its left with a female baby coming out of the Lilly. Farther to the left of the Lilly and baby is the stature of an angel. as if it is watching over her. Above the Lilly and baby is the picture of a giant man in a yellow rain slicker, boots and hat and carrying an umbrella. A small woman stands beneath him being protected by the umbrella. He is looking down at her. She is looking up and smiling. He is smiling behind his spectacled face. She is happy and safe and protected. She admires the giant of a man who stands over her. She is dry and surrounded by flowers.

To the right of the protector is a woman with hands together in prayer. There is a serene look in her half-closed eyes. She is at peace as she meditates. A rainbow arcs overhead to the right and leads to a statue of an angel who is watching over things.

To the left of the second angel statue is the picture of a girl. It represents my daughters standing there under the protection of the rainbow and the angel. To the right of the second angel statue is a tree where a boy sits. That represents my son. Below him is the picture of a bohemian girl clutching a heart and dressed in peasant clothes. That is my sister. We are both bohemian and both free spirits. Above her and to the right of my son is a triple spoon made from silver. At the handle is a lavender flower with a jewel in the center. My sister is mounted on the center spoon, my son on the left spoon, and my cat, Puddy, on the right spoon.

Below the spoon and Puddy, is a dragon holding a diamond in its claw. I believe it represents my fierceness and my loyalty to my family. The diamond represents the treasure it protects, which is the family. Behind the claw with the diamond is a pink flower, representing love and gentleness as well as ferocity.

It was a real eye opener for me. There was no wanting, no goals, no desires, no material needs…simply it was a spiritual representation of all that was valuable to me. It said a lot!

I keep it on the wall behind my monitor to remind me of what is important. It’s not things. It is family and a personal knowledge of all things spiritual.

Collages can be any size. Some cut poster board into 3″ X 5″ cards. They add them to the deck each time they make one. Before you know it you will have a deck you can spread out and use to remind you of your journey and where you are going. Then you can use the cards any way you choose to help and guide you.

Some, make them larger and place them in prominent places around the house to remind them of what they have discovered about themselves. They use them as guides, as a plan to get from point A to Point B. They ask themselves if what they are doing is getting themselves closer to their goal.

A collage will be different every time you do one. They will mean different things depending on where you are at emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. They will address different issues, different ideas, different desires, different needs. They are especially useful if you are dealing with a difficult question or a difficult person.

Remember to spend some time breathing before you start. Remember to attune yourself to the messages of the Universe so you will be ready to hear the messages of your heart and of the spirit.

A collage will help you focus and can help you pin point your thoughts and feelings in directions you may not have realized. They do help me and are a great source of motivation when I am at a stand still and can’t figure out what to do next or what I need to make changes in my life.

Let me know how your collages turn out. I will try and get the blog set up to take pictures so you can share them with all of us. Let your creativity fly. You can use magazines. Every wanted to know how to use all those magazines that pile up over time? Collage is the answer. And, make it a party! Invite your friends and family over for an afternoon of visual creativity and lots of fun!. Have a collage party!

Make note of the colors in your collage. It may give you a hint as to what your favorite colors are. Note the places you use your colors and think on what it represents about you.

If you find you have drawn a road map of where you are going, make note of that journey and where it is leading you. See where your soul wants to take you and then contemplate where you are at and how you plant to get to your heart’s desire. It is a wonderful way to clear out the cobwebs that have been holding you back.

You may even find the obstacles that are holding you back. It may help you hurdle them or find ways to get around them so you can continue your journey to finding your true self. I can hardly wait to discover what you find!



~ by womenstudycenter on January 9, 2009.

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