Sloth: It means more than you think

I was watching the History channel over the holidays and they presented the seven deadly sins. It doesn’t just mean lazy or slovenly. It is a very complicated issue.

I certainly learned a lot about sloth. Did you know that Depression is sloth? Sadness, apathy, procrastination, morose, negativity, & melancholy. Why is this important? Well, let me use an example; On the news a few years back a woman was raped in a stairwell of a subway in New York City. People walked by and did nothing.

Another example is hearing the beating of a child or adult in the apartment next door and failing to call and report it because you don’t want to get involved.

What about the child who shows up to school with bruises? How about not voting in the Presidential election because you fee that your vote won’t count. Have you ever put something off until a small problem turned into a big one?

How about not cleaning out the clutter that is taking up space in your home and putting a cloud over your life? Have you ever let a pile of junk in the yard build and build until you felt that it was impossible to deal with–so you didn’t? Perhaps there is an elderly women down the hall who would love some company, and you have been meaning to stop by, but just haven’t made the time.

I suppose you have run across a person that you might call a curmudgeon. Negative thinking destroys happiness. And, it effects everyone around that person. Negativity destroys dreams.

Not taking care of your finances causes great stress and anger and is the number one cause of divorce. Not taking care of one’s health causes great suffering and financial hardship. Not putting oil in the car will eventually ruin the engine. Not losing weight might cause your body to be destroyed by disease. Not caring for your relationships will chip away at them until they are destroyed. Not taking care of your family will lead to all kinds of problems.

I hope I have planted a seed. There is a reason Feng Shui talks about clearing out the clutter and making sure the flow of energy is good in your home. The Chinese knew the benefits of not being slothful thousands of years ago. They knew about being pro-active and not procrastinating.

So, don’t wait for things to become so bad that you have no choices. Be pro-active and act now before you are acted upon.



~ by womenstudycenter on January 4, 2009.

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    • Check out my website at There are over 1500 pages so we are trying to update it and bring it into the century technically. I am a one person editor–this means it will take time to accomplish this task. Bear with me while I attempt this monumental task. I like the non-profit info you provide. It goes right along with what I get involved in. Thanks for the opportunity to have this information. Making a difference it certainly where I want to focus!

      Chris/ Womenstudycenter.

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