Our First Award for 2009 – “It’s a Wonderful Life” Award

CNN provided me with a heart warming story of big business with a kind heart. It made my whole day! Over the past few months, all I here is how businesses are closing their doors and laying off their employees. Many lie to them, saying that it is temporary and then pad lock the doors and gates, never planning to open again. Our own family has experienced this rampant action, (and at Christmas, of all the times to do this). Couldn’t they have done this earlier or later? What is wrong with our country that greed has taken over and employees have become something less than property to be disposed of.

Well, A bakery whose products are sold under the Archway name, has done just that. Lying to their employees and padlocking the doors. However, The Lance Company has opened their hearts to these displaced employees. They have purchased the bakery, rehired immediately 60 employees, and given those still not working a $1500.00 gift card with the promise that they too would soon be back on the job.

I am giving my very first “It’s A Wonderful Life” Award of 2009 to the Lance Company. I will be purchasing your products regularly and telling everyone I know to do the same. The products will still be created under the Archway name. I will look for it on our store shelves!

Congratulations, Lance! You’ve just made it “A Wonderful Life” for the Archway employees. You are #1 in my book!


~ by womenstudycenter on January 1, 2009.

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