Shadow Force / Save the Whales

I have been watching two contrivercial New TV programs of late. One is Shadow Force. It is about mercenaries who are hired to help those in third world countries protect their people, their animals, and their rain forests. I had no idea the extent of the problems in Africa, especially the central region of the Congo and surrounding areas. There is the Charcoal black market that is endangering the rain forest there. It is being cut down at an alarming rate and turned into charcoal for fuel and sold to the people around the region by poachers and rebels. It is tragic!

Then there are the endangered species who are being slaughtered for nothing more than their horns, their tusks, their hands, and feet. A handful of brave rangers hold the life of these precious animals in their hands.

Then there are the wars, the refugees, and the handful of men who are trying to protect them. Whether it is rangers who need simple communication devices and techniques to be able to protect the mountain gorilla, or radio towers and walkie talkies with GPS capabilities, the soldiers need to protect the millions of refugees in camps along the Congo border, there is a battle going on that we need to be aware of. I, for one, am going to see what I can do to help!

The second program concerns the illegal hunting and slaughter of the whales in the Antarctic region by Japan. The Good Shepard program owns a boat that they sail into the protected feeding grounds. They goes out into the dangerous region to try and stop the Japanese whaling ships from being able to slaughter the whales. It is an ongoing war that never seems to end.

They take drastic measures, but someone has to do something. Sometimes talk does no good. They are at least trying to do what little they can to harass and stop the ships from being able to process the whales. I would urge all who care about these issues to learn all you can. Then, do your part to help our planet by supporting these important causes. I know I will!


~ by womenstudycenter on December 29, 2008.

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