Christmas…my thoughts on the holidays

Being raised Christian, my thoughts have naturally turned to Christmas. 2008 was a year in turmoil. It was not lost on us as we saw and heard our special holiday denigrated, assaulted, and insulted for much of the year. I find it interesting that other non-Christian religions feel such animosity towards us. Our country was based on freedom of religion. Yet, our rights have continuously been trampled on.

I do not wear my religion on my sleeve. It is a personal issue with me. My spirituality is mine and mine alone. My faith is mine. I do not need to debate my personal beliefs. I prefer that my personal relationship with God be for my ears only. And, I find it alarming that there are some fringe Christian religions who thrust their beliefs in your face and pretend to do God’s work while causing physical, emotional, and mental harm to others. There has been much harm done in the name of God and I am sure it brings tears to his eyes when this is done.

However, having this personal relationship with God does not automatically make a Christian bad. It is how we choose to live our life that matters. It is a hand reaching out to comfort and aid our neighbors, strangers, friends and family. It is a kind smile that breaks through a crowd as we bustle our way into a store. It is the wave as we pass in the car, even if we don’t know you. It is the many acts of kindness that go by without acknowledgment. It is the anonymous benefactor who cared to help without praise.

Those who set out to disgrace and belittle us, don’t really know us. They have not really gotten to know us as individuals. A few bad experiences have colored their perspective. They see all Christians through distorted lenses. Unfortunately, it only takes one bad example or experience to undo all the good that we have done in the world and we have to work 10 times harder to erase the damage.

I am convinced that this is so whether your religion is Muslim, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, or Mormon. It is true whether you are Buddhist, or Hindu. No matter what your religion, there is only one God, no matter what we call him. However, there is only one truth. We can choose to live together on this planet having respect for each others beliefs, and allowing all of us to worship as we choose, or we can continue to think that we are not all God’s children and trample each others rights to worship how we choose.

As far as the Christmas Holidays… We should be able to celebrate our Christmas and Easter Holidays. That Christian heritage is as important as the heritage of any other religion and certainly due the respect you would expect given to your religion. Diversity is necessary. We all have value. We all have worth. We all have much to give. Do not let a few radical elements, no matter what their religion, destroy the religious freedoms of others. As God commands…”Love they Neighbor as Thy Self”. Do we hate ourselves so much that we see ourselves in the eyes of others?


~ by womenstudycenter on December 29, 2008.

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