Change your mind — change your Environment

We cannot take in new ideas unless we release those things that no longer serve us.
This includes outdated thoughts and ideas as well as those items that clutter up our lives and only serve to create chaos and discord in our lives and homes.

The Native Americans have an interesting way of release. It is called “The Give Away”. They give away, not useless items, but those items that someone else might need. They feel that they have to do this so new things can come into their lives.

Many people do not bring anything new home until they have made a place for it by getting rid of a needless item.

We are going to de-clutter our mind and our environment. Pick a room. Walk around and look at your surroundings. Notice how the space feels. Journalize your thoughts and feelings. Sit in the room. Note the energy of the room. When you have gleaned all the information you can from that room, sit down with a pen and paper. write down your experience. Include any details you feel are important.

When you are done, look about you for color. What color is it now. What is your favorite color. Is your favorite color in that room? What can you do to bring that color into the room. Can you add accent pillows, throws, picture frames, vases? Or, can you paint an accent wall your favorite color? Describe how the present color makes you feel. How would you feel with a slight change of color? Can you rearrange the room for better flow?

The important things is to get rid of anything that does not serve a purpose anymore. It might be an old sweater you have been hanging on to, or an old knick knack that Aunt Gertie sent you for Christmas five years ago. There is always someone else who would love to have it in their life. If it just collects dust, give it away to charity. It will do you a world of good as well as enhance someone else’s life.

Do this for each room. You will be amazed at how much junk we collect over the years and how much better you will feel as you simplify your life.


~ by womenstudycenter on October 29, 2008.

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